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Mykenna Dorn 1

Mykenna Dorn shows off 2 poses to give your penis that stunning and sexy feeling

A contestant on The Bachelor and based in Canada, Mykenna Dorn shows off her feet and soles in two poses.

Based in Canada, Mykenna Dorn shows off her feet and soles in two poses.

Mykenna is a contestant on season 24 of The Bachelor.

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Mykenna Dorn gained recognition as a fashion blogger prior to her entry into ABC’s The Bachelor. Furthermore, she loves the show Grey’s Anatomy (no judgment).


Mykenna boasts over 82,300 followers on her Instagram profile. Also, click on “Visit Instagram” to open a new window containing her full Instagram story.

Mykenna Dorn

Pose Analysis

Mykenna definitely has some amazing feet, simply by how smooth they are.

Granted, every foot fetishist on the planet has likes and dislikes when it comes to feet. For example, some individuals prefer smooth soles while others prefer wrinkled soles. Personally, I prefer smooth soles as it allows one’s tongue to run without interruption up and down the length of her soles. On the other hand, some of us prefer wrinkled soles, because running your tongue in between the groves of wrinkled soles is amazing. Regardless of your preference, Mykenna has some pleasurable soles to say the least.

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