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Modeling out of Germany, these are two poses of German model Pamela Rf.

Pamela Rf also moonlights as a fitness model.

Pamela gained recognition on YouTube for her fitness instruction videos in 2018. Also, she gained fame on various social media platforms, including Instagram where she gained millions of followers.

Germany Archives

View Pamela, and other German celebrities posing in the German Archives. Click on “Visit Germany” to open a new window containing all celebrities posing out of Germany.


Also, Pamela boasts over 4.5 million followers on her Instagram profile. Click on “Visit Instagram” to open a new window containing her full Instagram story.

Pamela Rf Pose #2
Pamela Rf Pose #2

Pose Analysis

How does Pamela’s pose match up against other celebrity poses?

In both the featured image and the in-page image, we see Pamela possesses some smooth soles. In general, smooth soles provide more pleasure as compared to their wrinkled counterparts. Granted, each individual likes specific styles of feet (though, a majority do not care and just like women’s feet regardless of size, texture, etc.). Also, I rank her poses on the higher end of the scale because of her ass that shows in both pose shots. Judging from her feet, they appear to be easy to slip into your mouth, and the soles would easily rub back and forth across your face due to the smooth texture.

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