Viktorija Strelciunaite in the Pose #1

Viktorija Strelciunaite makes your pants pleasurable with her feet and delicious posing

Emerging out of Lithuania, Viktorija Strelciunaite is a Lithuanian model bearing both soles in the pose.

Emerging out of Lithuania, Viktorija Strelciunaite is a Lithuanian model.

Viktorija Strelciunaite gained fame on the social platform Instagram.

First of all, Viktorija gained fame on Instagram for her fashion and bikini stories. Also, she launched Instagram in 2014. Most noteworthy, she gained recognition after losing 50 pounds. Another, Viktorija played basketball for 10 years. Furthermore, her Instagram posts and story allowed her to identify as a rising and upcoming model.


Viktorija boasts over 71,000 followers on her Instagram profile. Also, please click on “Visit Instagram” to open a new window with her full Instagram story and feed.

Lithuania Archives

Lastly, view Viktorija and other celebrities posing from Lithuania. In addition, click on “Visit Lithuania” to open a new window containing all known celebrity poses emerging from this country.

Viktorija Strelciunaite Pose 2
Viktorija Strelciunaite Pose 2

Pose and Feet Analysis

Viktorija boasts very attractive feet and amazing poses for a couple of different reasons. First, her soles are smooth and invite easy access to be licked and sucked on. Second, her feet are of the classic women style in that they are longer in length, and shorter in width. Likewise, the long length of her feet gives rise to longer toes. Lastly, her feet have a noticeable arch and lengthened soles.

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