Violetta Komyshan shows off 3 poses to make you drool and delirious

From New York, New York, Violetta Komyshan shows off her wider feet in three poses.

From New York, New York, Violetta Komyshan shows off her wider feet in three poses.

Violetta Komyshan possesses some wide feet compared to the traditional women feet. However, some prefer this style of foot compared to skinnier or smoother feet.

Violetta Komyshan gained fame as an Instagram star, but ultimately rose to fame as the girlfriend of the actor Ansel Elgort. Personally, I do not care when their relationship sparked, ended, and rekindled or whatever. Also, her popularity soared on Instagram. Furthermore, back in 2014, her boyfriend Ansel Elgort co-stars with Shailene Woodley (my all time favorite) in the feature film The Fault in Our Stars.


Violetta boasts over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram profile. Click on “Visit Instagram” to open a new window containing her full Instagram story.

Violetta Komyshan 2
Violetta Komyshan 2

United States

In addition, view Violetta and other American celebrities in the United States of America archives. Please click on “Visit U.S.A.” to open a new window containing all poses emerging out of the United States.

Violetta Komyshan 3
Violetta Komyshan Pose 3

Project Footsutra

Which Project Footsutra positions are best to fantasize with Violetta?

Wider feet enables the use of different Project Footsutra positions. Believe it or not, different foot sizes, symmetries, and designs elicit different types of positions. For example, in the case of Violetta, her feet are wider, and are unlikely to be able to fit into mouths of some men (or women, I do not judge). Therefore, when imagining Project Footsutra positions with Violetta, it is best to fantasize about positions that utilizes feet in the face or around the penis rather than feet going into the mouth.


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