Camila Coelho in the pose, celebrity feet

Camila Coelho and Her Feet and Pose Mesmerize You

Based in State of Minas Gerais, Camila Coelho is a Brazilian blogger showing off poolside in the pose.

Based in State of Minas Gerais, Camila Coelho is a Brazilian blogger.

Camila Coelho gained recognition for her Portuguese and English fashion and beauty blogs.

Also, she gained followings on her YouTube channel MakeUpByCamila and her self-titled blog. Furthermore, her YouTube channel boasts over 3.4 million subscribers. Lastly, her Portuguese YouTube channel launched in June 2010, while her English YouTube channel launched in September 2011.

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Camila boasts over 8.6 million followers on her Instagram profile. Also, click on “Visit Instagram” to open a new window containing her Instagram page and story.

Pose Analysis

Discussion on Camila Coelho’s pose.

Camila possesses wider feet than I would like on a woman. However, this does not mean her feet are bad, and I am sure they are appealing to the majority of the viewer base. In addition, her ass really makes her feet pop out and compliments them well. Furthermore, this pose is appealing to the eye because we have the pose triad, which shows bare feet, ass, and breasts all in the same pose. Truly outstanding.


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