Greeicy Rendon's feet in the pose with a gorgeous smile

Greeicy Rendon’s feet show some amazing soles and toes

Greeicy Rendon’s feet have some of the smoothest soles I have seen. The pose itself shows a great smile and joy, but not much else. We see some of her legs and calves, but no breasts or butt showing. This makes her pose a sifecta. But by all means, her feet are pretty good with how smooth they are. Also, her skin in general shows perfection. We cannot make out much regarding her toes from this pose, but I doubt there is anything wrong with them judging from the perfection of her soles.

Greeicy Rendon started walking barefoot in Cali, Colombia. She is a Colombian actress and singer. Greeicy gained recognition for starring in Chica Vampiro (2013-2015), La ronca de oro (2014), Venganza (2017), and Primera Dama (2011). Also, she will feature in an upcoming television series titled Solitaries Anonymous (TBA).

Greeicy Rendon’s feet and the Colombia Archives

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Greeicy Rendon and socials

Greeicy boasts over 12 million followers on her Instagram. Click on “Visit Profile” to open a new window containing her full story and page.

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