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Marina Joyce shows her controversial feet and soles in 5 poses for you to drool over

Despite how controversial Marina is in the news and media, her feet are pretty spectacular. First, we see some smooth soles and excellent toe alignment in the traditional downward angle. Also, the soles of her feet are lighter color than the pads and heel, giving even more pleasure. While these poses rank in the sifecta range (since no breasts, cleavage or butt shows), they are among some of the best poses on Celebrity Feet in the Pose. Furthermore, her facial expressions and posturing brings her poses further into the spotlight.

Marina Joyce started her controversial barefoot walking in North London. She is an English YouTuber with a very controversial history.

Marina Joyce’s Feet and the United Kingdom archives

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Marina Joyce and social media

Marina boasts over 2.14 million subscribers on her channel. Click on “Visit Channel” to open a new window containing her full channel history, videos, and story.

Marina Joyce's feet up in the air in the 2nd pose
For her second pose, Marina Joyce’s feet rise into the air and clearly show for us to see on the bed.
Marina Joyce's feet up in the air on the bed
Marina Joyce’s feet in the 3rd pose shows a confused facial expression while she lies down on her stomach with her legs up.
Marina Joyce's feet up in the air in the fourth pose
Marina Joyce’s feet rise into the air with a facial expression where she is fed up! How dare you look at her soles.
Marina Joyce and her feet in the fifth and final pose
Marina Joyce shows off a great shot of the bottom of her foot in this final pose on the bed.


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