Giovana Fagundes shows off 6 incredible poses sure to send blood to your penis

Walking on her incredible feet in Brazil, Giovana Fagundes is a Brazilian actress and designer. Her feet have a flawless design, with amazing toes and length in addition to size. She provides many poses to tease you, including showing both soles for your pleasure. Also, Giovana starred in Ta Pago (2019) and Panico na TV (2017).

Giovana Fagundes feet in the Brazil pose archives

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Giovana Fagundes on social networks

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Giovana Fagundes feet up in the air while lying down on the bed
Giovana Fagundes legs rise into the air while she lies down on her stomach on the bed.
Giovana Fagundes feet while posing with her feet and legs in the air
Giovana Fagundes soles rise into the air just like her butt while in the pose.
Giovana Fagundes feet off-camera but a great view of her butt
Her feet rise into the air, cropped out but a great view of her butt rises into the air.
Giovana Fagundes feet resemble bunny ears in this great pose
With feet as classic bunny ears, Giovana Fagundes shows off in the pose.

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