Holly Burt New 2020

Holly Burt shows off a new pose with her 2 huge feet in the air for your pleasure

Holly Burt’s feet have some of the most spectacular arches I have ever seen, and that says something. With her feet clasped together in the above photo, we clearly see one of the sexiest arches in foot fetishism. Even better, her soles are incredibly smooth, and her toes are in perfect length, shape, and alignment. Also, her stare into the camera shows dominance and gives an even bigger since of eroticism.

Using her two large feet in Florida, Holly Burt is an American social icon. Holly boasts large feet for a woman, but they are still erotic. Holly Burt gained Instagram fame due to her long legs and amazonian stature. She stands at 6’5″ tall (198 cm) and featured in publications such as Daily Mail and the New York Post. Also, she beat out other models for the longest legs in America.

Holly Burt’s feet and poses from the past

Holly Burt posed twice in the past in December 2018. Click on the link below to open a new window of Holly’s previous two erotic poses.

Holly Burt on socials

Holly boasts around 32,000 followers on her social media profile. Click on “Visit Profile” to open a new window containing her full story and page.

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