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Taylor Alesia started walking on her sexy feet in Arizona.

Taylor Alesia is a social media sensation and influencer.

Taylor gained fame on her Instagram account. Also, she started singing and released the song “Speechless” in 2018. In addition, she gained popularity on the YouNow platform (which I have not heard of).

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Masturbation and Fantasy Guide

Stare into my eyes. Get lost in their brown color. Stare at my smooth and shiny skin. Unzip your pants.
See my gorgeous smile? No. Eyes on me. My feet do not exist yet. I need you to focus on me. My eyes. My smile. My skin. Know me to know my feet. Pants off. Stay in your boxers.
Gaze at my white teeth and tongue. I know you see my feet on the side. You can almost stare at them. You are so close, just look at my wink. Slide your boxers down.
One last look at my eyes. One last look at my skin and its smoothness. My gorgeous hair. Now... Take your boxers off. Get naked.
STARE AT MY FEET. STARE AT MY SOLES. Take your cock in your hand. But do not stroke yet. Pant over my feet. Moan at my soles.
Gaze at my boobs and how perfect they are. Go back and forth. Boobs to soles. Soles to boobs. Feet, boobs. Stroke your cock slowly.
Feet up, soles out, ass up, cock out. Stroke that cock while staring at my smooth soles and my toes. Oh yes, moan loud for me.
Stroke, stroke, stroke that cock! My smile, my feet, my soles, my toes, imagine them all over your face and cock! STROKE. YOUR. COCK. HARDER.
STARE AT MY FEET. STARE AT MY SOLES. MY FEET ON YOUR FACE. ON YOUR COCK. STROKING IT. That's it. Let the orgasm release. Do not resist. Flow.

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