Daniella Rahme

Daniella Rahme, a Lebanese actress showing off 3 sexy poses

Daniella Rahme’s feet are sexy and powerful due to their long length, skinny with an average length of toes. Her feet are gorgeous and represent what women’s feet should look like. For the average person with a foot fetish, they will definitely make us steal a second glance, or three when we come across her poses, soles, and pictures of her feet. The sole is the window into the foot fetish, and Daniella delivers a very powerful storm.

Daniella Rahme was born in Australia, but if of Lebanese descent. She gained fame as a Lebanese actress and television producer. Also, she won the Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 and was the winner of Dancing with the Stars: Raqs el Noujoum Season 2. Her film career started in 2018 with Beirut City and continued into 2020 with Awlad Adam and Al-Awdah.

Daniella Rahme’s feet and Lebanon pose archives

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Danella Rahme on social networks

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Daniella Rahme
Daniella Rahme points and laugh during a photo shoot that shows off how powerful her feet and pose really is to onlookers. A gorgeous smile accompanies a seductive pose and stunning celebrity feet.
A more intensive pose and stare, Daniella Rahme stuns the camera with two gorgeous celebrity foot shots to send chills down your spine and blood elsewhere.

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