Kortni Gilson

Kortni Gilson smiles seductively in 2 beautiful poses

Kortni Gilson shows off a gorgeous smile in two selfies in the pose with amazing feet and soles.

Kortni Gilson was born in Hawaii in 1995.

Kortni Gilson’s Celebrity Feet and Celebrity Soles

Kortni Gilson possesses wider and smaller feet, which in my opinion (yes, people have opinions), are not all that attractive. However, for most people with a foot fetish, the type of foot or appeal do not matter so long as the feet are on a woman. Examining Kortni’s feet, we nonetheless see some great soles and a perfect downward toe alignment.

Celebrity Status

Kortni is an American personality.

Kortni Gilson
Kortni Gilson smiles for a selfie pose where we see some wrinkled soles and a big toe, which is fantastic.

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