Katherine Escobar shows off 3 amazing poses and feet

Katherine Escobar was born in Pereira, Colombia in 1979.

Katherine Escobar Celebrity Feet and Celebrity Soles

Katherine possesses some gorgeous soles, that are very smooth and near perfection. Her feet are wider than the normal female foot, but the larger width caters to the shape of her foot rather well. Generally, depending on the camera angle and the angle of the pose, the width and length of the foot will be different. Therefore, it is hard to sometimes get an accurate portrayal of width versus length. In some images, her second toe is longer than her big toe, but in other pose images we see perfect toe alignment.

Katherine Escobar in the pose
Katherine Escobar shows off a gorgeous pose from what appears to be a bed with perfect, smooth soles and a fantastic stare into the camera.
Katherine Escobar in the pose
Katherine Escobar shows off both soles in a fantastic pose that shows her amazing toe alignment.

Celebrity Status

Katherine Escobar is a Colombian model and actress. She gained recognition on telenovelas. Also, she starred in Salvador de Mujeres (2010-2011), La guerra del Cartel (2011-2012), and La Mariposa (2012-2013). Furthermore, Katherine started acting in 2001 and gained fame in the Colombian soap opera Las Hermanitas Calle.

Colombia Archives

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