Klaudia El Dursi

Klaudia El Dursi shows off 2 bedside poses on a lazy day, maybe during quarantine

Klaudia El Dursi was born in Poland in 1989.

Celebrity Status

Klaudia El Dursi is a Polish television host and actress. She hosts a program known as Hotel Paradise (2020). In the past, she appeared in Kuba Wojewodzki (2008). Furthermore, she made trivial appearances in television series and films, including The Christening (2010) and Prosto w serce (2011).

Klaudia El Dursi features a very powerful pose, with a flash and tease of one of her celebrity feet and soles. Also, she has a gorgeous smile to go along with her slightly wrinkled sole in the background.

Celebrity Feet and Celebrity Soles

Klaudia El Dursi shows off a beautiful pose from the bedside. Looking at her feet in both images, we see two feet that are slightly wrinkled with a second toe that is longer than her big toe. While some do not prefer this second toe longer in length, some do like it better and is left up to your preference. Otherwise, her toes are aligned very well and are sexy in appeal.

Not only are here feet well shaped in length, width, and toe dimensions, her ass is perfectly curvy and do her feet justice and match with them well. Her hair, skin tone, ass, and other features perfectly give more power to her feet, which are among the highest of desires in celebrity feet. Furthermore, you can see the visible arch of her feet, which increases the sexy and appeal of her feet as a whole.

Polish Archives

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Klaudia boasts over 566,000 followers on her social media profile. Click on “Visit Instagram” to open a new window containing her full social media page, story, and feed.

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