Oka Giner

Oka Giner shows off 2 brand new poses showing both fantastic feet and soles

Oka Giner shows off two enticing poses from what appears to be her SnapChat with gorgeous soles and awesome toe alignment.

Oka Giner was born in Camargo, Mexico in 1992, making her 27 years old.

Celebrity Status

Oka Giner is a Mexican actress. Oka gained stardom in the 2013 Mexican television series Gossip Girl: Acapulco. In 2020, she will make an appearance in Inesperadamente Lucia (TBA). Recently, she appeared in Cita a ciegas (2019) for 70 episodes and Ninis (2018) for 10 episodes.

Despite the world demon looking creature from the SnapChat, we still see a great pose showing some of the smoothest soles and toe alignment I have laid eyes on.

Celebrity Feet and Celebrity Soles

Oka possesses some of the most gorgeous feet on the website. Analyzing her feet, we first see her perfect and smooth soles. While there will always be a debate about wrinkled versus smooth soles, smooth are my preferred option. Like with other celebrities, her second toe is longer than her big toe, which some find attractive and others do not. Her toes are of average length and are also attractive in of themselves. While her feet seem to be bigger in width as opposed to longer in length, the smoothness of her soles counters this to make an attractive overall foot.

Oka shows a smile, as if she knows you are starring at her feet.

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