Mizuki Yamashita's feet in the pose while she lies down on her stomach and kicks her celebrity soles and legs into the air

Mizuki Yamashita’s feet in the air with gorgeous Asian feet in 2 poses

Mizuki Yamashita shows off two stunning poses showing off her Asian feet, soles, and toes.

Mizuki Yamashita’s feet are actually pretty good for Asian descent. In my opinion, Asian feet are not all that appealing, but clearly there are some exceptions.

Mizuki Yamashita was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1999, making her 21 years old. She gained fame as a Japanese idol singer.

Celebrity Status and Fame

Mizuki is a Japanese idol singer, model, and actress who gained fame as a member of Nogizaka46. She is also a model for CanCam magazine. In addition, she gained recognition as an actress was she appeared in the BS TV Tokyo series Cheers to Miki Clinic. Later, she appeared in the 2019 TV Tokyo adaptation of Video Girl Ai.

Mizuki Yamashita’s feet and the Japanese celebrity pose and feet archives

View Mizuki, and other Japanese celebrities posing in the Japan archives. Click on “Visit Japan” to open a new window containing all celebrity poses emerging from the nation of Japan.

Mizuki Yamashita on Social Media (Instagram)

Mizuki boasts over 94,500 followers on her social media Instagram profile. Click on “Visit Profile” to open a new window containing her full page, story, and feed.

Mizuki Yamashita's feet rise into the air while she lies down in the pose with her celebrity feet, celebrity soles, and celebrity toes in the air
Mizuki Yamashita lies down on her stomach with her bare legs and feet in the air on white linen sheets.

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