Mishel Gerzig shows 2 gorgeous poses out of Israel

Mishel Gerzig shows off in the sunlight in two beautiful poses

Mishel Gerzig is an Israeli fashion model.

Mishel Gerzig Celebrity Status

She gained recognition for modeling under the brands NEXT and GUESS. Also, Mishel walked multiple runways throughout her career for various different agencies. In addition, Mishel owns her own swimwear line called Praia Swimwear. She is recognized as a model on an international level.

How do Mishel Gerzig’s Feet Compare to Other Celebrities?

Mishel has some pretty spectacular feet that easily hold up to other celebrities.

View all the Celebrity Feet and Soles in the Pose in the Israel Archives

View Mishel, and other Israeli celebrities, in the Israel archives. Click on “Visit Israel” to open a new window containing all celebrity poses emerging from the nation of Israel.

Mishel on Instagram

Mishel boasts over 70,000 followers on her Instagram profile. Click on “Visit Profile” to open a new window containing her full feed, story, and profile.

Mishel Gerzig lying down on her stomach with her legs and feet in the air by the pool
Mishel Gerzig closes her eyes and basks on the sunlight with her feet in the air.


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