Alexandra Koutsantoni's feet are high up in the air as she lies down on her stomach with her legs in the background

Alexandra Koutsantoni Feet Shine in this New February 2021 Pose

Here we have yet another great pose from the great Alexandra Koutsantoni’s feet. First, we notice gorgeous smooth soles and perfectly aligned and shaped toes. The length of her toes is also exceptional. Furthermore, she shows and teases some great breasts and cleavage action. This makes the brand new pose a bifecta pose. Unfortunately, we cannot see much of her butt, but this pose still succeeds.

Also, Alexandra Koutsantoni started walking on her gorgeous feet in Greece. Furthermore, she is a Greek model who gained fame on social media.

Alexandra Koutsantoni’s past poses

Alexandra Koutsantoni posed twice back in 2020. Click on the link below to open a new window with her past poses.

Alexandra Koutsantoni’s feet and other Greek Poses

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Alexandra Koutsantoni on social media

Alexandra is most active on the Instagram social media, like most other celebrities around the world. She has over 52,000 followers. Click on the button below to open a new window containing her full Instagram profile.

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