Meghan Markle feet are up in the air during this yoga pose while on her stomach and her legs up in the air

Meghan Markle Feet are Royal as the Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle feet started walking and growing up in California, United States. Regardless of how one feels about her celebrity royal affiliation, her feet gained a lot of negative attention.

First, she did have some rather nasty bunions in the past. But from what I understand, she eventually had them removed. Nonetheless, it is hard to get an image like bunions on a foot out of one’s head. And makes it hard to look at the same feet again; despite the bunions being removed.

Meghan Markle feet and royalty

Many people have opinions about the royalty status of Meghan Markle. Does she deserve it? Is she worthy? While those questions do spark opinionated answers, they do not change her feet. Bunions in the past or not, the bunions removed via surgery mark her feet more appealing.

Meghan becoming royalty does not change the appearance of her feet. While it does catapult her into the worldwide spotlight, her feet remain the same.

In my opinion, Meghan does pose rather well, yoga pose or not. Any pose can be successful depending on the angle. Therefore the angle for each pose does matter. In this pose from Meghan, we see smooth soles, great toes, and overall great body.

Meghan Markle posed once before in the past

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Meghan Markle Feet and other images

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