These sex dolls will always pose for you.
Lauren Witzke feet rise into the air an American republican politician

American politician Lauren Witzke feet

This is a rare find since American female politicians (young politicians, anyway), do not pose due to the ramifications it may have on potential election results. However, here we see American republican Lauren Witzke who, believe it or not, has an alleged criminal past involving Mexican cartels and drug trafficking. Anyway, Lauren Witzke’s feet appear to have some smooth soles and also look to be in decent shape and size. Unfortunately, we cannot really see her toes in this pose. But judging from the beauty and shape of her feet, her toes are more than likely aligned.

Lauren Witzke ran for U.S. Senate to represent Delaware, but lost in the general election on November 3, 2020, by about 100,000 votes.

Lauren Witzke’s feet and the American archives

If you enjoy Lauren Witzke’s feet, then you need to browse the United States archives. The United States and American archives are the largest section of Celebrity Feet in the Pose. Click on the button below to open a new window with the U.S.A. archives.

Lauren Witzke on socials

Some American politicians are not active on social media. Which to be honest, completely shocks me. There are no social links to post here since I cannot find any links to Lauren Witzke’s social media.

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