Sandra Escacena's feet up in the air while she stares into the camera in this amazing pose

Spanish actress Sandra Escacena’s feet

While we cannot see some of her feet, Sandra still pulls off an amazing pose. View the large image now.

Sandra Escacena’s feet look pretty sexy despite not being able to see them very clearly. Sandra is a gorgeous woman, and her feet are no exception to that fact. Also, we can make out some clear soles in this pose, along with gorgeous skin and smooth features all around. Her body itself compliments her feet, and I am sure many of us imagine licking, sucking, and worshipping her feet until we physically couldn’t anymore from exhaustion. Furthermore, we see some of her cleavages in this pose, which makes this pose even better. We cannot see much of her butt, but her breasts and feet more than makeup for it. In addition, she also stares and smiles into the camera while posing, adding erotic value

Born in Madrid, Spain, Sandra Escacena is a Spanish actress.

Sandra Escacena’s feet in the Spain section

Sandra’s pose and feet categorized into the Spain section, along with the other Spanish celebrity poses. The Spain pose archives consist of 97 celebrity posts including Paz Vega, Penelope Cruz, Elsa Pataky, and many more. Use the link to get started.

Sandra on socials

Sandra boasts over 200,000 followers on her social media. use the link below to access her profile page.

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