Eleonora Gaggero (2 Images)

Eleonora Gaggero

Born in Genoa, Italy, Eleonora Gaggero is an Italian actress. Eleonora Gaggero gained recognition for the film Fratelli Unici (2013). Furthermore, she starred in the Disney show Alex & Co. Also, she started appearing in commercials in 2011. Lastly, she…

Alice Venturi (2 Images)

Alice Venturi

Born in Italy, Alice Venturi is an Italian YouTuber. Alice Venturi worked on the show Detto Fatto (2013-present) and X Factor Italia as a freelance professional makeup artist. Furthermore, she studied hair and makeup at the Scuola BCM Beauty Centre of Milan. She…

Alice Pagani (2 Images)

Alice Pagani

Born in Rome, Alice Pagani is an Italian actress. I actually stumbled on these by accident while watching Baby (2018) on Netflix. So, naturally, I had to post them. Alice Pagani gained recognition for her roles in Il permesso – 48 ore fuori (2017), Loro 1…

Valentina Vignali (New)

Valentina Vignali

Born in Rimini, Italy, Valentina Vignali is an Italian athlete and basketball player. Valentina Vignali also models and appears on various Italian television programs. Also, she started playing basketball at age eight and joined various high profile teams. Lastly, she…

Federica Fontana (New)

Federica Fontana

Born in Monza, Italy, this is a new pose image of Italian sports announcer and television hostess Federica Fontana. Federica Fontana announces sporting events, mostly soccer (futbol) games. Her career started when she started to appear in television and public…

Cecilia Capriotti

Cecilia Capriotti

Born in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, Cecilia Capriotti is an Italian actress and model. Cecilia Capriotti starred as a contestant on L’isola dei famosi (2018) and made appearances in Verissimo (2018) and Grand Hotel Chiambretti (2016). Also, she starred in To Rome with Love (2012), E io non pago (2012),…

Cristina Buccino (2 Images)

Cristina Buccino.

Born in Castrovillari, Italy, Cristina Buccino is an Italian model. Cristina Buccino modeled for various different designers and magazines. Also, she starred in ColoradoL ‘Sto classico (2012) and Grand Hotel Chiambretti (2015-2016). Lastly, she boasts over 2.3 million followers on social media.

Katia Pedrotti (3 Images)

Katia Pedrotti

Born in Milan, Lombardy, Italy, Katia Pedrotti is an Italian actress. Katia Pedrotti starred in Una vita da sogno (2013), Pomeriggio Cinque (2008), and Grande fratello (2000). Lastly, she boasts over 324,000 followers on her social media.

Swami Caputo (2 Images)

Swami Caputo

Born in Florance, Swami Caputo is an Italian reality television star. Swami Caputo gained fame as a cast member on the RAI 2 reality series Il Collegio. Also, she appeared in the film La Più Bella Scuola Del Mondo (2014). Lastly, she boasts…