Elisabetta Gregoraci (3 Images)

Italian fashion model Elisabetta Gregoraci

Born in Soverato Marina, Elisabetta Gregoraci is an Italian fashion model. Elisabetta Gregoraci started her career on the Italian television show Libero before becoming the model for the Wonderbra campaign. Currently, she is a hostess on the show Buona Domenica.

Giulia Penna

French pop singer Giulia Penna

Born in Italy, Giulia Penna is an Italian pop singer. Giulia Penna gained recognition for her singles Odio L’Estate and Fuori e gia Natale (2016). Also, she won the 2014 Giam Academy competition. Lastly, she starred in the short film Blue Rose (2015).

Valentina Allegri (4 Images)

Italian model Valentina Allegri

Valentina Allegri is an Italian model and Instagram star. Valentina Allegri boasts over 370,000 followers on her Instagram. She posts about lifestyle, fashion, and of course, selfies.

Mercedesz Henger (2 Images)

Italian model Mercedesz Henger

Born in Rome, Mercedesz Henger is an Italian model. Mercedesz Henger finished third in the Italian reality show L’isola dei famosi (2016). Also, she boasts over 470,000 followers on Instagram.

Vanessa Hessler

Italian model and actress Vanessa Hessler

Born in Rome, Vanessa Hessler is an Italian model and actress. Vaenssa Hessler started modeling at age 15. Also, she appeared in many advertisements, publications, and campaigns throughout Germany, Italy, and France.

Carlotta Montanari

Italian actress, writer, and producer Carlotta Montanari

Born in Rimini, Italy, Carlotta Montanari is an Italian actress, writer, and producer residing in the United States. Carlotta Montanari starred in American Crime Story (2018), The Mason Brothers (2017), Being American (2014), and Parenthood (2014).

Francesca Leto

NEW pose image of Italian broadcaster and actress Francesca Leto

Born in Saronno, this is a new pose image of Italian broadcaster and actress Francesca Leto. From 2004 to 2008, Francesca worked with Sky Sport and Italia 1 broadcasting Oktagon. Also, she starred in her first feature film with a part in Meridione…

Italian model Paola Turani

Italian model Paola Turani

Born in Sedrina, Italy, Paola Turani is an Italian model. Paola Turani appeared as the Telegatto Girl in the film Somewhere (2010). Good Vibration Group represents her. Also, her Instagram account boasts over 850,000 followers. Lastly, she started a YouTube channel back…