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Seda Guven (2 Images)

Born in Izmir, Turkey, Seda Guven is a Turkish actress. Seda Guven gained recognition for Fatmagulun Sucu Ne? (2010-2012), Oldu mu simdi? (2016), Git Basimdan (2015), and Atesbocegi (2017). Also, she stars in the upcoming film/series Kill Me, Darling (2019).…

Seyma Subasi

Seyma Subasi
Born in Samsun Province, Turkey, Seyma Subasi is a Turkish influencer. Seyma Subasi boasts over 3 million followers on her Instagram account.

Ceren Moray (2 Images)

Turkish actress Ceren Moray
Born in Diyarbakir Province, Ceren Moray is a Turkish actress. Ceren Moray starred in Isler Güçler (2012-2013), O Hayat Benim (2014-2017), and Avlu (2018).

Turkish singer and songwriter Simge Sagin

Turkish singer and songwriter Simge Sagin
Turkish singer, songwriter, and composer Simge Sagin showing her celebrity feet and celebrity soles in THE POSE via Celebrity Feet in the Pose: The largest celebrity pose database on the web. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Simge Sagin (simply goes by…

Selen Seyven (2 Images)

Turkish actress Selen Seyven Image 1
Born in Ankara, Turkey, Selen Seyven is a Turkish actress. Selen Seyven studied at the Müjdat Gezen Arts Center Theater. She is known for Genco (2007-2008), Dolduizgin Years (2008), and Abimm (2009). Her recent films include That Life is Mine (2016), Become Love (2015), and My Family (2014).