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Özge Ulusoy

Turkish model and ballet dancer OZGE ULUSOY
Born in Ankara, Turkey, Ozge Ulusoy is a Turkish model and retired ballet dancer. Ozge Ulusoy gained recognition for an acting role in Arka Kokaklar (2006-2009).

Tuba Unsal

Turkish actress and model TUBA UNSAL
Born in Denizli, Turkey, Tuba Unsal is a Turkish actress and model. Tuba Unsal starred in multiple films and television series including Içerde (2017) and Mumya firarda (2002).

Sila Sahin

Sila Sahin
Born in Berlin, Sila Sahin is a Turkish-German actress. Sila Sahin gained recognition for starring in the German soap opera Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten. Also, Sila posed nude for the magazine Playboy in May 2011. Lastly, she boasts over 384,000…

Basak Sayan

Turkish actress BASAK SAYAN
Born in Ankara, Turkey, Basak Sayan is a Turkish actress. Basak Sayan starred in Yaprak Dokumu (2007-2009) and Harem (2012-2013).