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Anastasia Kumeyko (2 Images)

Anastasia Kumeyko

Born in the Ukraine, Anastasia Kumeyko is a Russian Playboy and DJ. Anastasia Kumeyko starred in Playboy Russia in November 2011. Also, she was part of the controversial Ukrainian pop duo NikitA from 2011 to 2016. NikitA stirred controversy due…

Anna Safroncik

Anna Safroncik

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Anna Safroncik is a Ukrainian actress and model. Anna Safroncik gained recognition for Nine (2009), Il Restauratore (2012), and Il traduttore (2016). Also, she starred in Tuscan Passion (2012-2018) and Le verita (2017). Lastly, she boasts over 339,000 followers on…