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Category: Finland

The Finland Celebrity Feet in the Pose Archives consists of six posts including Sabina Sarkka, Inka Kallen, Pia Pakarinen and more.

Anna Easteden

Born in Tohmajärvi, Anna Easteden is a Finnish actress. Anna Easteden starred in The House of Branching Love (2009) and Sideways (2009). Also, she made…

2 weeks ago

Anu Sinisalo

Born in Helsinki, Anu Sinisalo is a Finnish actress. Anu Sinisalo starred in numerous television drama series and film. Also,…

2 weeks ago

Finnish model Shirly Karvinen (3 Images)

Born in Jyväskylä, Finland, Shirly Karvinen is a Finnish model and beauty pageant titleholder. Shirly Karvinen represented Finland at the Miss…

3 months ago

Finnish actress and model Pia Pakarinen

Born in Juuka, Finland, Pia Pakarinen was crowned Miss Finland 2011 and represented the country of Finland at the 2011…

12 months ago

Finnish actress Inka Kallen

Finnish actress INKA KALLEN showing her FEET and SOLES in THE POSE via Celebrity Feet in the Pose - Downloadable…

2 years ago

Finnish/Danish actress and dancer Sara Soulie

Finnish/Danish actress and dancer SARA SOULIE showing her FEET and SOLES in THE POSE via Celebrity Feet in the Pose:…

2 years ago