Brought to you by the Admin and Nessy, Project Footsutra is an ongoing positional guide to pleasure for foot fetishism. Whether a woman trying to learn or a man trying to indulge, start here. All current and future positions posted under this project were created long ago with the help of Nessy “Assenav” Perez (also known as “nessygoesrawr” in the gaming community).

Project Footsutra represents an ongoing position guide to promote a more positive and healthier fetish lifestyle. With this project, you may read position descriptions, view detailed artwork, and learn to best utilize these positions in the bedroom.

All donations go to artists that help draw, render, and bring to life the positions seen in Project Footsutra. Once a goal is reached, an artist is hired. A new position is released once the artist completes the illustration.

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Project Footsutra and all articles, positions, images, renditions, and content are copyrighted by ©2020 Celebrity Feet in the Pose and Rhea Hayworth.