• Marion Seclin

    Marion Seclin

    Born in Paris, France, Marion Seclin is a French actress. Marion Seclin starred in Sister Sister (2017), Le tour du Bagel (2015-2017), and Studio Bagel (2012-2015). Also, she starred in Psy Gaming (2016). Lastly,…

  • French actress Nadia Richard

    Nadia Richard

    Born in Aubenas, France, Nadia Richard is a French actress and YouTuber. Nadia Richard starred in the series Cut! (2015-present). Also, she starred in various other short…

  • French reality television star Chloe Meadows; photo credit by Matt Frost Ltd/REX/Shutterstock

    Chloe Meadows

    Photo Credit: Matt Frost Ltd/REX/Shutterstock Born in France, Chloe Meadows is a French reality television star. Chloe Meadows made her television debut in 2016 on…

  • French actress Manon Valentin

    Manon Valentin

    Born in France, Manon Valentin is a French actress. Manon Valentin starred in Mon Poussin de Frederic Forestier (2017), Interrail de Carmen Alessandrin (2018), and more.

  • French singer Priscilla Betti

    French singer Priscilla Betti

    Born in Nice, Occitania, Priscilla Betti is a French singer, dancer, and actress. Priscilla Betti released her first single at age 12. She released five…

  • French singer Shy'm

    French singer Shy’m

    Born in Trappes, France, Shy’m is a French singer. Shy’m released her first album in Mes fantaisies in 2006. Three of her albums are platinum, including her…