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The Germany Archives consist of 86 posts including Jordan Carver, Verena Wriedt, Eva Padberg, Katharina Schuttler, and many more.

Sarah Stork (3 Images)

Born in Dortmund, Sarah Stork is a German actress. Sarah Stork starred in Schicksale - und plotzlich ist alles anders (2016), Verdachtsfalle (2014), Unter…

3 weeks ago

Barbara Meier

Born in Amberg, Bavaria, this is a new photo of German fashion model and actress Barbara Meier. Barbara Meier won…

3 weeks ago

Isabell Horn (3 Images)

Born in Bielefeld, Isabell Horn is a German actress. Isabell Horn starred in various films, reality television, and theater roles.…

4 weeks ago

German actress Georgina Fleur (2 Images)

Born in Heidelberg, Georgina Fleur is a German actress. Georgina Fleur is a reality television star who made multiple appearances…

1 month ago

NEW (Aug. 2018) – German actress Joyce Ilg

Born in Cologne, Joyce Ilg is a German actress. Joyce Ilg starred in Meine teuflisch gute Freundin (2018) and Einstein (2018).

1 month ago

German presenter and actress Alina Merkau

Born in West Berlin, Alina Merkau is a German presenter and actress. Alina Merkau presented faceTALK mit Lukas und Alina on KISS…

2 months ago

German actress Marie Nasemann

Born in Munich, Germany, Marie Nasemann is a German actress. Marie Nasemann starred in Bella Germania (2018), Goliath 96 (2018), and Armans Geheimnis (2015).

2 months ago

German model Taynara Joy Silva Wolf

Born in Germany but residing in Brazil, Taynara Joy Silva Wolf is a German model, actress, and dancer.

6 months ago

NEW (March, 2018) photo of German model and actress Barbara Meier

Born in Amberg, Bavaria, this is a new photo (from Instagram) of German fashion model and actress Barbara Meier. Barbara…

6 months ago

German pop singer Kim Gloss

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Kim Gloss is a German musician and pop singer. Kim Gloss (AKA Kim Debkowski) signed to…

6 months ago