• German actress Michelle Barthel

    Michelle Barthel

    Born in Remscheid, Germany, Michelle Barthel is a German actress. Michelle Barthel starred in Koholmen (2018), Tatort (2010-2018), and more.

  • German model Celine Denefleh

    Celine Denefleh

    Born in Mannheim, Celine Denefleh is a German model. Celine Denefleh won the first season of casting show Curvy Supermodel – Echt (2016). Her reward was a…

  • German television actress Liza Waschke

    Liza Waschke

    Born in Berlin, Liza Waschke is a German television actress. Liza Waschke gained recognition for her role on the RTL 2 series Berlin – Tag &…

  • German actress Sarah Stork

    Sarah Stork (3 Images)

    Born in Dortmund, Sarah Stork is a German actress. Sarah Stork starred in Schicksale – und plotzlich ist alles anders (2016), Verdachtsfalle (2014), Unter uns (2013), and more.

  • Barbara Meier

    Barbara Meier

    Born in Amberg, Bavaria, this is a new photo of German fashion model and actress Barbara Meier. Barbara Meier won the second season of Germany’s…

  • German actress Isabell Horn

    Isabell Horn (3 Images)

    Born in Bielefeld, Isabell Horn is a German actress. Isabell Horn starred in various films, reality television, and theater roles. She appeared in Alles was zahlt (2015-2016), Gute…

  • German actress Marie Nasemann

    German actress Marie Nasemann

    Born in Munich, Germany, Marie Nasemann is a German actress. Marie Nasemann starred in Bella Germania (2018), Goliath 96 (2018), and Armans Geheimnis (2015).