• Federica Fontana

    Federica Fontana (4 Images)

    Born in Monza, Italy, Federica Fontana is an Italian sports announcer and television hostess. Federica Fontana announces sporting events, mostly soccer (futbol) games. Her career…

  • Benedetta Mazza

    Benedetta Mazza

    Born in Parma, Italy, Benedetta Mazza is an Italian television presenter. Benedetta Mazza is also an actress and former model. Furthermore, she presents multiple shows…

  • Erika Albonetti

    Erika Albonetti (4 Images)

    Born in Italy, Erika Albonetti is an Italian model. Operating out of Bologna, Italy, Erika Albonetti is a fine art, fashion, and advertising model available…

  • Italian actress Simona Tabasco

    Simona Tabasco

    Born in Naples, Italy, Simona Tabasco is an Italian actress. Simona Tabasco starred in I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017-2018) and E arrivata la felicita (2015). Also, she starred in Fuoriclasse (2014-2015),…

  • Italian model Paola Turani

    Paola Turani

    Born in Sedrina, Italy, this is a new pose image of Italian model Paola Turani. Paola Turani appeared as the Telegatto Girl in the film Somewhere (2010).…

  • Italian host and television presenter Barbara Francesca Ovieni

    Barbara Francesca Ovieni (New)

    Born in Milan, Italy, this is a new pose image of Italian television host and news presenter Barbara Francesca Ovieni Barbara started on Italy’s Italia…

  • Italian professional dancer Francesca Tocca

    Francesca Tocca (2 Images)

    Born and raised in Italy, Francesca Tocca is an Italian professional dancer. Francesca Tocca studied dance since she was a child. Francesca and her husband…

  • NEW (September 2018) photo of Italian showgirl, model, and actress Pamela Camassa

    Pamela Camassa (NEW)

    Born in Prato, Italy, this is a new pose image of Italian showgirl, model, and actress Pamela Camassa. Pamela Camassa started her career with the…

  • Italian fashion model Elisabetta Gregoraci

    Elisabetta Gregoraci (3 Images)

    Born in Soverato Marina, Elisabetta Gregoraci is an Italian fashion model. Elisabetta Gregoraci started her career on the Italian television show Libero before becoming the model for…

  • French pop singer Giulia Penna

    Giulia Penna

    Born in Italy, Giulia Penna is an Italian pop singer. Giulia Penna gained recognition for her singles Odio L’Estate and Fuori e gia Natale (2016). Also, she won the…