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Category: Italy

NEW (May, 2018) photo of Italian model Valentina Pegorer

Residing in Milan, Valentina Pegorer is an Italian model and television presenter. Valentina starred in The Comedians (2017) and was a contestant…

3 months ago

Italian journalist Eleonora Boi

Born in Cagliari, Italy, Eleonora Boi is an Italian sports journalist and television personality. Eleonora presented on Sportitalia and Mediaset Premium. She has over…

3 months ago

Italian television host Barbara Francesca Ovieni

Born in Milan, Italy, Barbara Francesca Ovieni is an Italian television host and news presenter. Barbara started on Italy's Italia…

3 months ago

NEW (from March, 2018) photo of Italian model and actress Ludovica Frasca

Ludovica Frasca is an Italian fashion icon, model, and actress. Other Ludovica Frasca posts:

4 months ago

Italian author and YouTuber Greta Menchi

Born in Rome, Italy, Greta Menchi is an Italian author and YouTube star. Greta Menchi has over 1.1 million subscribers…

5 months ago

Italian showgirl Pamela Camassa (3 Images)

Born in Prato, Italy, Pamela Camassa is an Italian showgirl, model, and actress. Pamela Camassa started her career with the…

5 months ago

Italian artistic gymnast Elisa Meneghini

Born in Como, Italia, Elisa Meneghini is a 2014 Italian champion in all-around, floor exercise and balance beam. Elisa Meneghini…

6 months ago

Italian showgirl and presenter Roberta Morise

Italian showgirl, model, and television presenter Roberta Morise was born in Crotone, Italy. Roberta Morise presented L'Eredita and I migliori anni on television channel…

6 months ago

Italian YouTuber Marzia Bisognin

Italian YouTube star Marzia Bisognin (AKA CutiePieMarzia) was born in Arzignano, Italy. Marzia Bisognin's YouTube channel has over 567 million…

6 months ago

NEW (Dec. 2017) photos of Italian showgirl Michela Coppa (2 Images)

Michela Coppa became known in 2001 when she participated in Miss Italia 2001, where she ranked among the 16 finalists.…

7 months ago