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Currently, the North American country of the Dominican Republic consists of over six celebrity poses. But we are always on the lookout for more celebrity poses emerging from this country!

Natti Natasha (2 Images)

Natti Natasha

Born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, Natti Natasha is a Dominican singer. Natti Natasha signed to the label Orfanato Music Group and released her debut EP, All About Me, in 2012. Later, she went on to release various singles and…

Emily Tosta

Dominican actress Emily Tosta

Born in the Dominican Republic, Emily Tosta is a Dominican actress. Emily Tosta starred in the web series United Families and was a guest star on TNT’s The Last Ship (2014). Also, she made an appearance on Mayans M.C. (2018).

Sharlene Taulé (3 Images)

Dominican actress and singer Sharlene Taulé

Born in Santo Domingo, Sharlene Taulé is a Dominican actress and singer. Sharlene Taulé starred in various films and television series including Star (2016-2017), Bravetown (2015), and Pasion prohibida (2013). Also, she nominated for a Heat Latin Music Award.

Julissa Sabino (2 Images)

Dominican actress Julissa Sabino

Born in the Dominica, Julissa Sabino is a Dominican actress currently residing in the U.S. Julissa Sabino starred in Underground Man (2018), If Loving You Is Wrong (2017), and Bless Yer Heart (2014). Also, she is a member of the Actor’s Equity Association.

Nashla Bogaert Feet Radiate in this Amazing Pose Image

Nashla Bogaert feet are up in the air as she lies down on her stomach with her legs in the air

Nashla Bogaert Feet started walking in San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic. Nashla is a Dominican actress and television presenter. She started her career with a role in Divertido con Jochy (2004-2012). Her recent films include Reinbou (2016), Todos los Hombres son Iguales (2016), Ladrones (2015), and Codigo Paz (2014).…