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The celebrity poses of Oceanic, sorted by birth country. Currently, the following countries feature celebrity poses (click a country to view directly or use the menu): Australia and New Zealand.

Lily Maymac

Lily Maymac, an Australian, lies down in the pose and stares into the camera while showing her soles and feet.

Lily Maymac become a celebrity in part because of her Instagram following of over four million. She is of Australian nationality and is an Australian model and social influencer. Lily Maymac on socials:

Sarah Stephens Feet up in a New Pose

Sarah Stephens feet are up in the air in this new pose from 2021

Sarah is an Australian model. This new pose shows cleavage in addition to the beauty of her feet. Her beautiful hair, intense stare and gaze, and smooth skin further enhance her beauty. Sometimes a pose just jumps out at you,…

Penny Higgs

Penny Higgs

Born in Australia, Penny Higgs is an Australian actress and dancer. Penny Higgs starred in Big Brother: Australia (2001) for 19 episodes. Also, she starred in I, Frankenstein (2014). Furthermore, she boasts over 69,000 followers on her Instagram profile, found…