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The Brazil Archive consists of 201 posts including Kefera Buchmann, Gianne Albertoni, Sophia Abrahao, and many more. But we are always on the lookout for more celebrity poses emerging from this country!

Duda Reis shows off 4 stunning poses

Duda Reis poses on furniture with her bare legs and feet up in the air.
Duda Reis was born in Brazil and rose to fame on social media. Duda Reis is a Brazilian social media star. Duda Reis Rise to Stardom Duda gained recognition for documenting her life on social media. Duda blogged and posted…

Michelle Batista (New)

Michelle Batista
Born in State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this is a new pose of Brazilian actress Michelle Batista. Michelle Batista gained fame for starring in The Business (2013-2018), High School Musical: D Desafio (2010), and Dores & Amores (2010). Also,…

Carol Nakamura

Carol Nakamura
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carol Nakamura is a Brazilian dancer and actress. Carol Nakamura starred in Domingao do Faustao (2004-2016) as a dancer and co-presenter. Also, she participated in various theater projects and made other television appearances. Lastly,…

Camila Nakagawa (3 Poses)

Camila Nakagawa in the Pose #1
Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Camila Nakagawa is a Brazilian reality actress. Camila Nakagawa won the spring break season of The Challenge. Also, she boasts over 241,000 followers on Instagram profile, found here:

Bárbara Evans (2 Poses)

Bárbara Evans 1
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bárbara Evans is a Brazilian model. Bárbara Evans gained recognition for winning the sixth season of the Brazilian version of The Farm. Also, she appeared in Playboy magazine in 2011 and joined A Fazenda…

Luiza Valdetaro

Luiza Valdetaro
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Luiza Valdetaro is a Brazilian actress. Luiza Valdetaro starred various television series and films, including Joia Rara (2013) and Se a Vida Comecasse Agora (2018). Lastly, she boasts over 228,000 followers on her Instagram,…