Introduction to The Footsutra & Position 1: The Guillotine

NOTICE – The Footsutra is an ONGOING series that will be updated with new positions, new discussions, and new variants.

The Guillotine is a foot fetish position designed to worship, humiliate, and control.
This position utilizes a woman’s sense of control over her partner who is down on all fours. The dominant (or DOM) is considered the woman in this scenario, or the individual riding. Clearly, clothing is optional, and more play can be obtained if both individuals are naked.

All Footsutra positions will involve feet in the face, mouth, or a foot job. Future positions will involve intercourse, and some will not. Here is the first main category in the Footsutra, brought to you by Rhea Hayworth.

Over the course of my times with Nessy (see the Articles section for more information), my brain developed positions: Kinky, erotic positions. These positions consumed me to the point I named them and devised variations of each position. This is the first position in the Footsutra. The Guillotine. This is the first time I have made these positions available for viewing. The Footsutra enhances the sexual lives of those individuals with a foot fetish, much like myself. Whether you perform these positions with a partner or use your own imagination, this series will enhance your sexual experience with your foot fetish.

The Guillotine – Position Description

The Guillotine has a simple, yet complex concept. This position will be described using BDSM terminology with the use of domination and submission. The following sketches help paint a picture of this position. I provide digitally illustrated drawings of this position for a more precise picture later. Furthermore, this position can be performed by male/female couples, or same sex couples. However, this position is described using a male/female couple, with the male having a foot fetish.

The main description of this position is as followed. The male (or individual with a foot fetish) gets onto all fours (on his hands and knees). Ideally, his partner will force him onto all fours. The forcing into the horse position can be done in a multitude of ways. For example, his partner can kick him in the stomach with her bare foot so he hunches over. Then, she shoves him down into the all fours position.

Once he is on all fours, his partner then hops on his back, similar to riding a horse. But instead of facing forward, she turns and faces reverse. Next, she moves her legs underneath of him and leans forward. In turn, this gives her the power to control his face with her feet. She can slap him, rub her soles on his face, rub her toes on his face.

Utilization and Implementation

This position makes it easy for the woman to taunt in this position. Sample taunts are listed below (or taunts I have heard used over the years):

“Crawl around while you sniff and inhale my feet.”
“You like those soles don’t you?”
“Beg and I will slap you with them.”
“Take a deep breath.”
“That’s it, on your knees, bent over like a slave worshiping my feet.”

Getting into this position can be tricky, especially the first time. Due to the dominate nature of this position in the hands of the woman, generally she is the one to get the man onto the ground and on all fours. For example, she can kick the man in the stomach with her barefoot, causing him to buckle or bend forward. Next she grabs the back of his neck and forces him down onto the ground on all fours. And lastly, she can jump straddle his back in the reverse style and begin the position. Clearly, this is not the only way a woman can get a man into this position, but is at least one example. In terms of the escort world, outcalls (or incalls) for that matter can be pre-arranged to have the man on all fours already when the escort arrives. Or, in contrast, to have the man immediately get down onto all fours when arriving to the incall.

Stationary is boring, and taunting him with threats such as, “Crawl or I will move my feet away from your face,” will more than likely cause the man to crawl in this position to keep her feet where they are positioned.

Best Practices – Sexual Advances

While all the figures above are clothed to demonstrate the position, the Guillotine does not require clothing to be used at all. However, it can start out that way, and while in the position, the woman has easy access to the pants, jeans, shorts, etc. that the man may be wearing. In other words, this position makes it easy for the woman to lower his pants and start to stroke him while using her feet on his face. However, whether clothing be on or off, this position is sure a great place to begin in The Footsutra.

Transitions into Other Positions

The Basic, or original Guillotine, can be used as a gateway into many of the other Guillotine variant positions that are listed in the main menu of The Footsutra. Access those variants by returning to the main home page of Celebrity Feet in the Pose.

Upcoming Content

Many different variations of the Guillotine will be posted as sub-posts under this category. The other versions of the Guillotine include:
180 Guillotine
Bound Guillotine
Full Guillotine
Upward Guillotine
These positional descriptions and images will be posted during the month of March, 2019. Stay tuned for more Guillotine-related content.