The Austrian feet section consists of 12 Austria celebrities including Nina Proll (below), Bianca Schwarzjirg, Johanna Setzer, and more. But we are always on the lookout for more celebrity poses emerging from this country!

Austrian actress Laura Bilgeri

Laura Bilgeri

Born in Vienna, Laura Bilgeri is an Austrian actress. Laura Bilgeri starred in My Teacher, My Obsession (2018), The Recall (2017), and The Silent Mountain (2014).…

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Austrian swimmer Fabienne Nadarajah

Fabienne Nadarajah

Born in Vienna, Fabienne Nadarajah is an Austrian swimmer. Fabienne Nadarajah participated in multiple championships including European and Austrian Championships.

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Sabine Petzl's feet kick up into the air while she wears a yellow dress and lies down on the couch

Sabine Petzl

Born in Vienna, Sabine Petzl is an Austrian actress and presenter. Sabine Petzl’s feet and other Austrian celebrities

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