• Filio Tsinoglou

    Filio Tsinoglou

    Born in Greece, Filio Tsinoglou is a Greek actress. Filio Tsinoglou starred in the television series My Man Can Greece (2018). Also, she boasts over 170,000 followers…

  • Benedetta Mazza

    Benedetta Mazza

    Born in Parma, Italy, Benedetta Mazza is an Italian television presenter. Benedetta Mazza is also an actress and former model. Furthermore, she presents multiple shows…

  • French actress Nadia Richard

    Nadia Richard

    Born in Aubenas, France, Nadia Richard is a French actress and YouTuber. Nadia Richard starred in the series Cut! (2015-present). Also, she starred in various other short…

  • Chilean actress Leonor Varela

    Leonor Varela (2 Images)

    Born in Santiago, Chile, Leonor Varela is a Chilean actress and model. Leonor Varela starred in Cleopatra (1999) and Blade II (2002). Also, her most recent television and film…

  • Gal Gadot

    Gal Gadot (New)

    Born in Petah Tikva, Israel, this is a newer pose image (09/2018) of Israeli actress Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot crowned Miss Israeli in 2004. Afterwards,…

  • Kalia Eleftheriou

    Kalia Eleftheriou

    Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Kalia Eleftheriou is a Cyprus journalist. Kalia Eleftheriou gained recognition as the host of the DOT Dream It. Do It campaign.…