Research and Fetish Theory (In Progress)

Where does Foot Fetishism come from?

Fetishes emerge all the time and fetishes did not exist forever, unlike vanilla sex or traditional intercourse. No, over time, fetishes emerged into the sexual scene, but it begs the question. Where did they come from? How did fetishes emerge into the sex scene? And when did it happen?

Early Theories

Perhaps the earliest use of foot fetishism stems from the early ages of kings, queens, and royalty dating back centuries. During these ages, it was common for slaves or servants of the royal household to wash the feet of royals. As depicted in some pictures and drawings, slaves, servants, butlers, etc. kneel down in front of the King, Queen, or some other high royal figure and wash his or her feet. However, there are no documents to my knowledge that claim foot fetishism started during this era.