Rebecca Felgate

Rebecca Felgate
Born in England, Rebecca Felgate is an English blogger. Rebecca Felgate gained fame as a blogger who covers topics such as food and theater. Also, she presented for YouTube channels Inform Overload and Most Amazing Top Ten. Lastly, she boasts…

Nina Santina

Brazilian blogger Nina Santina
Born in Brazil, Nina Santina is a Brazilian blogger. Nina Santina blogs about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Also, she boasts over 3.2 million followers on Instagram.

Anna Opsal

Danish model and blogger Anna Opsal
Born in Denmark, Anna Opsal is a Danish model and blogger. Anna Opsal featured in Playboy and other erotic videos and magazines. Also, she boasts over 57,000 followers on her Instagram.

Martha Graeff

Brazilian fashion blogger Martha Graeff
Born in Brazil, Martha Graeff is a Brazilian fashion blogger. Martha Graeff boasts over 318,000 followers on Instagram.

Patry Jordan (3 Images)

Spanish YouTuber and blogger Patry Jordan
Born in Spain, Patry Jordan is a Spanish YouTuber and blogger. Patry Jordan blogs about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She has five total YouTube channels with a combined total of over 10 million subscribers. Lastly, her first YouTube channel launched…

Maria Kang

Filipina fitness instructor and blogger Maria Kang
Although born in San Francisco, Maria Kang is a Filipina fitness instructor and blogger. Maria Kang founded the nonprofit organization No Excuse Mom, which focuses on developing or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also, she started competing in fitness competitions and…

Julia Kuczynska

Polish fashion blogger Julia Kuczynska
Born in Złotów, Julia Kuczynska is a Polish fashion blogger. Julia Kuczynska gained recognition as the author of the fashion blog Maffashion. Also, she designed and created a clothing company.