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Ana Julia Dorigon

Brazilian actress Ana Julia Dorigon

Born in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Ana Julia Dorigon is a Brazilian actress. Ana Julia Dorigon starred in Orgulho e Paixao (2018), Segredos de Justica (2016), and E Ai… Comeu? (2016). Also, Ana Julia Dorigon boasts over 2.4 million followers on her Instagram.

Claudia Andriolo

Brazilian YouTuber Claudia Andriolo

Born in Brazil, Claudia Andriolo is a Brazilian YouTube star. Claudia Andriolo posts comedy and geeky content on her YouTube channel, which boasts over 900,000 subscribers. Her YouTube channel launched back in January 2014. Lastly, her Instagram account, albeit not…

Francine Piaia – NEW (2 Images)

Brazilian socialite and theater actress Francine Piaia

Born in Brazil, Francine Piaia is a Brazilian socialite and theater actress. Francine Piaia participated in the Big Brother Brasil (2002) television reality program. Also, she appeared in the movie short Julia (2016). Lastly, her Instagram boasts over 348,000 followers.

Martha Graeff

Brazilian fashion blogger Martha Graeff

Born in Brazil, Martha Graeff is a Brazilian fashion blogger. Martha Graeff boasts over 318,000 followers on Instagram.

Giselle Batista (2 Images)

Brazilian actress Giselle Batista

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Giselle Batista is a Brazilian actress. Giselle Batista starred in Apocalipse (2018), O Rico e Lazaro (2017), and A Regra do Jogo (2015). Also, she made appearances across other cinema and theater shows. Lastly, she boasts over 135,000 followers on Instagram.

Luisa Arraes (2 Images)

Brazilian actress Luisa Arraes

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Luisa Arraes is a Brazilian actress. Luisa Arraes starred in multiple television roles including Segundo Sol (2018), The Formula (2017), and Crazy About Them (2012-2013). Also, she made minor appearances across some films.

Greice Santo

Brazilian actress Greice Santo

Born in Brazil, Greice Santo is a Brazilian actress. Greice Santo starred in Jane the Virgin (2014-2015), Wild Card (2015) and an episode of New Girl (2012).

Monique Alfradique

Brazilian actress Monique Alfradique

Born in Rio de Janeiro, this is a new pose image of Brazilian actress Monique Alfradique. Monique Alfradique starred in many television series and films including Deus Salve o Rei (2018) and A Vila (2017). Also, she appeared in A Secretaria do Presidente (2016).

Paula Carolina

Brazilian reality star Paula Carolina

Born in Brazil, Paula Carolina de Amorin Barbosa is a Brazilian reality star. Paula Carolina participated in Big Brother Brasil and boasts over 3 million followers on her Instagram.

Gabrielle Cardoso (3 Images)

Brazilian dancer Gabrielle Cardoso

Born in Brazil, Gabrielle Cardoso is a Brazilian dancer and choreographer. Gabrielle Cardoso rose to fame on the Brazilian series Domingao do Faustao, where she made multiple appearances. Also, she works as a professional dancer and choreographer. Lastly, her Instagram boasts over 270,000…