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Yanita Yancheva

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Yanita Yancheva is a Bulgarian reality television star. Yanita Yancheva competed in the third and fifth…

4 weeks ago

Bulgarian model, actress, and designer Borisa Tutundjieva (Multiple Images)

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Borisa Tutundjieva is a Bulgarian model, actress, and designer.

3 years ago

NEW (07/22/15) photo of Bulgarian-Canadian actress Nina Dobrev

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian actress of Canadian descent. Nina Dobrev moved to Canada at the…

3 years ago

Bulgarian actress Sanya Borisova

Born in Vidin, Bulgaria, Sanya Borisova is a Bulgarian actress. Sanya Borisova starred in All She Wrote (2018), Living Legends (2014), and The Expendables 2 (2012).

4 years ago