Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter in the pose
Born in Toronto, Canada, Sarah Carter is a Canadian actress. Sarah Carter gained fame for starring in Rogue (2015-2016), The Vow (2012), Falling Skies (2011-2015), and Dirty Sexy Money (2008). Also, she will appear in the upcoming films Nosferatu (TBA)…

Phoebe Dykstra

Phoebe Dykstra
Born in Canada, Phoebe Dykstra is a Canadian television host and singer. Phoebe Dykstra sppeared on MuchMusic and MTV in Canada as well as co-hosted After Degrassi. Recently, she wrote and recorded her first song. Lastly, she boasts over 74,000…

Vanessa Grimaldi (2 Images)

Vanessa Grimaldi
Born in Montreal, Canada, Vanessa Grimaldi is a Canadian television personality and teacher. Vanessa Grimaldi participated in season 21 of The Bachelor (2018). She went on to win the show. Also, she boasts over 810,000 followers on her social media…

Azra Bajrami (Azzyland)

Azra Bajrami
Born in Toronto, Canada, Azra Bajrami is a Canadian YouTube star. Azra Bajrami posts video game content, which includes gaming videos and cosplay. Also, she noted multiple times that her favorite video game series is The Legend of Zelda. Lastly,…

Denise Poole (3 Images)

Denise Poole
Born in British Columbia, Canada, Denise Poole is a Canadian actress. Denise Poole starred in California Roll (2014), Firequake (2014), Crystal Skulls (2014), and more. Lastly, she boasts over 26,000 followers on her social media profile.

Kristen Valnicek (KittyPlays) New

Born in Canada, these are new pose pictures of Canadian gamer and streamer Kristen Valnicek (aka KittyPlays). KittyPlays posts video game related content, including Dota 2, CS:GO, and Fortnite on her YouTube channel. Furthermore, she also streams gameplay on the…

Miriam McDonald (2 Images)

Miriam McDonald
Born in Oakville, Canada, Miriam McDonald is a Canadian actress. Miriam McDonald gained fame for playing the lead female character on the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-2010). Also, she appeared in She’s Too Young (2004), Wolves (2014), and Sea Beast (2008). Lastly, she boasts over 145,000…

Tessa Virtue

Tessa Virtue
Born in London, Canada, Tessa Virtue is a Canadian ice dancer. Tessa Virtue finished the 2010 Olympic champion and the 2018 Olympic champion. Also, she finished silver at the 2014 Olympics and is a three-time World champion (2010, 2012, and…

Keltie Knight

Keltie Knight
Born in Edmonton, Canada, Keltie Knight is a Canadian television presenter and dancer. Keltie Knight gained recognition as a co-host and correspondent for The Insider in the past. Now, she is a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. Also in the past, Keltie Knight danced professionally…

Anna Silk (New)

Anna Silk (New)
Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, this is a new pose image (June, 2018) of Canadian actress Anna Silk. Anna Silk starred in the Showcase television series Lost Girl (2010-2015). Furthermore, she made appearances on other various television shows and programs. Lastly, she…