Monserrat Torrent (2 Images)

Monserrat Torrent
Born in Santiago, Chile, Monserrat Torrent is a Chilean actress. Monserrat Torrent starred in various television programs throughout her early career in the early 2000s. She appeared in Soundtrax (2013-present), Curiocity (2013-present), and Moov (2013-present). Also, she stars on Bang…

Leonor Varela (2 Images)

Chilean actress Leonor Varela
Born in Santiago, Chile, Leonor Varela is a Chilean actress and model. Leonor Varela starred in Cleopatra (1999) and Blade II (2002). Also, her most recent television and film appearances include Lethal Weapon (2018), Saving Flora (2018), and Alpha (2018). Lastly, she boasts over 429,000 followers on her social media.

Nicole Block

Chilean actress Nicole Block
Born in Chile, Nicole Block is a Chilean actress. Nicole Block starred in Tranquilo papa (2017-2018) and El Camionero (2016-2017). Also, she boasts over 259,000 followers on Instagram.