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Laura Penuela (2 Images)

Colombian actress Laura Penuela Image 1
Born in Bogota, Colombia, Laura Penuela is a Colombian actress. Laura Penuela started acting at age 12. She hosted numerous programs throughout Columbia and represents one of the most important hosts and talents. Also, she acted in Colombian soap operas,…
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Daniela Lopez (2 Images)

Colombian model Daniela Lopez Image 1
Born in Armenia, Colombia, Daniela Lopez is a Colombian model showing her celebrity feet and celebrity soles in THE POSE on the largest celebrity pose network. Daniela Lopez discovered in 2011 while shopping at a mall in Orlando, Florida by…
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Sofia Vergara (3 Images)

Colombian actress and model Sofia Vergara Image 2
Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Sofia Vergara is a Colombian actress and model. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Sofia Vergara rose to fame while co-hosting two television shows on the Spanish network Univision in the late 90s. Her fame lead to her…
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Colombian model and actress Julieth Restrepo

Colombian model and actress Julieth Restrepo
Born in Medellin, Colombia, Julieth Restrepo is a Colombian model and actress. Julieth Restrepo began her acting career in 2006 in the Colombian horror film At the End of the Spectra (2006). Also, she acted in theater and has been nominated for…
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