Bree Essrig (New)

Bree Essrig

Born in Los Angeles, California, this is a new pose image of American actress, writer, and TV personality Bree Essrig. Bree Essrig gained stardom as a comedy writer and making appearances on news and the current event series SourceFed. Also, she…

Barbara Francesca Ovieni (New)

Italian host and television presenter Barbara Francesca Ovieni

Born in Milan, Italy, this is a new pose image of Italian television host and news presenter Barbara Francesca Ovieni Barbara started on Italy’s Italia 1 television network. Also, she hosted sporting events including Night Match, Bordo Campo, and Rai Sport’s Speciale Mercato Zona…

Elena Kremlidou

Greek radio host Elena Kremlidou

Born in Thessaloniki, Elena Kremlidou is a Greek radio host. Elena Kremlidou hosts Desperado on Greece’s Sport FM 94.6. Also, she performed on SKAI TV. Lastly, she modeling, fashion, and fans earned her over 100,000 followers on her Instagram.