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Spanish actress Melanie Olivares was born in Badalona, Barcelona, Spain and has been featured in films, short films, television, and reality programs. She is best known for Aida (2005-2014), Policias, en el corazon de la calle (2002-2003), Robles, investigador (2000-2001), Mas que amigos (1997-1998), and Este es mi barrio (1996-1997). Este es mi barrio was considered her first role in a television series.

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Melanie has also been seen in films including Hablar (2015), Crisis (2014), Dos a la carta (2014), and Temporal (2013). In 2017, she has been part of the programs Mad in Spain (2017), Hora punta (2017 – present), and Sabado Deluxe (2017). She is primarily seen on the channels La 1 and Telecinco.