Ingrid Coronado (2 Poses)

Ingrid Coronado in THE POSE, pose image 1
Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Ingrid Coronado is a Mexican television personality. Ingrid Coronado worked with many television programs and networks, including her first role as a host for Tempranito (1998). Later, she hosted and presented television programs such as…
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Mariana Torres

Mariana Torres
Born in Leon, Guanajuato, Mariana Torres is a Mexican actress. Mariana Torres starred in Olvidarte Jamas (2006), Pecados Ajenos (2007-2008), and Vuelveme a querer (2009). Also, many of her roles featured as telenovelas which aired on Venevision, Telemundo, and TV…
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Ana Lago

Ana Lago
Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Ana Lago is a Mexican gymnast. Ana Lago won two medals at the Central American and Caribbean Games of Mayaguez 2010. Also, she won the silver medal for Mexico at the 2014 Central American Gamez in…
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Okairy Giner (January, 2019)

Okairy Giner
Born in Camargo, Mexico, this is a new pose picture of Mexican actress Okairy Giner. Okairy Giner gained recognition for starring in Hagamos un corto (2015), ¿Quién es quién? (2015), and Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013). Also, she starred in Ninis (2018), La Piloto (2018),…
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Brenda Zambrano (New)

Brenda Zambrano New
Born in Iudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, these are two new pose images of Mexican model Brenda Zambrano. Brenda Zambrano appeared on the reality television series Acapulco Shore (a mimic of Jersey Shore). Also, she premiered on the first episode of the second season and…
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Géraldine Bazán (2 Images)

Géraldine Bazán
Born in Mexico City, Géraldine Bazán is a Mexican actress. Géraldine Bazán gained recognition for her roles in Dueños del Paraíso (2015), Alguien Te Mira (2010), and In the Time of the Butterflies (2001). Also, she starred in countless television series and movies and appeared in over…

Jocelín Zuckerman

Jocelín Zuckerman
Born in Mexico, Jocelín Zuckerman is a Mexican actress. Jocelín Zuckerman gained recognition for her role in the Mexican and Venezuelan teen comedy series La CQ (2012-2013). Also, she starred in Amores con trampa (2015) and Como dice el dicho (2011-2017). Lastly, she boasts over 550,000…

Melanie Pavola

Mexican model Melanie Pavola
Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Melanie Pavola is a Mexican model. Melanie Pavola is a former glamour and fitness star that morphed into an Instagram model and celebrity. She boasts over 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Also, she featured in numerous…
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