• Federica Fontana

    Federica Fontana (4 Images)

    Born in Monza, Italy, Federica Fontana is an Italian sports announcer and television hostess. Federica Fontana announces sporting events, mostly soccer (futbol) games. Her career…

  • Benedetta Mazza

    Benedetta Mazza

    Born in Parma, Italy, Benedetta Mazza is an Italian television presenter. Benedetta Mazza is also an actress and former model. Furthermore, she presents multiple shows…

  • Italian host and television presenter Barbara Francesca Ovieni

    Barbara Francesca Ovieni (New)

    Born in Milan, Italy, this is a new pose image of Italian television host and news presenter Barbara Francesca Ovieni Barbara started on Italy’s Italia…

  • Spanish radio presenter and sex therapist Daniela Blume

    Daniela Blume (NEW)

    Born in Mataro, this is a new pose image (October, 2018) of Spanish radio presenter and sex therapist Daniela Blume. Daniela Blume named the 13th…

  • New Zealand television presenter Amber Peebles
    New Zealand

    Amber Peebles

    Born in Wellington, New Zealand, Amber Peebles is a television presenter and former Miss World New Zealand. Amber Peebles competed at Miss International 2003 and…

  • Portuguese presenter Catarina Camacho

    Catarina Camacho

    Born in Portugal, Catarina Camacho is a Portuguese presenter and reporter. Catarina Camacho is an announcer and presenter for RTP.

  • English television presenter and model Emma Willis
    United Kingdom

    Emma Willis

    Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Emma Willis is an English television presenter and model. Emma Willis gained recognition working for television networks and radio stations…