• Kim Johansson

    Kim Johansson (2 Images)

    Born in Sweden, Kim Johansson is a Swedish YouTube star. Kim Johansson makes and uploads videos about hair, makeup tutorials, ask videos, and more. Her…

  • French actress Nadia Richard

    Nadia Richard

    Born in Aubenas, France, Nadia Richard is a French actress and YouTuber. Nadia Richard starred in the series Cut! (2015-present). Also, she starred in various other short…

  • Rachel Apollonio

    Rachel Apollonio (2 Images)

    Born in Brazil, Rachel Apollonio is a Brazilian YouTube star. Rachel Apollonio posts videos on her YouTube channel about fitness, lifestyle, and fashion, including challenges…

  • Brazilian YouTuber Claudia Andriolo

    Claudia Andriolo

    Born in Brazil, Claudia Andriolo is a Brazilian YouTube star. Claudia Andriolo posts comedy and geeky content on her YouTube channel, which boasts over 900,000…

  • Greek YouTuber and vlogger Mara Samartzi

    Mara Samartzi

    Born in Greece, Mara Samartzi is a Greek YouTuber and vlogger. Mara Samartzi vlogs about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle on her YouTube channel MyGreekBurlesque. Also,…

  • Czech YouTuber Carly Kirstenova
    Czech Republic

    Carly Kirstenova (2 Images)

    From the Czech Republic, Carly Kirstenová is a Czech YouTuber. Carly boasts over 139,000 followers on Instagram. Also, she gained recognition by singing and choreographing covers…

  • Spanish YouTuber and blogger Patry Jordan

    Patry Jordan (3 Images)

    Born in Spain, Patry Jordan is a Spanish YouTuber and blogger. Patry Jordan blogs about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She has five total YouTube channels…